Wayne Zuhl, President

Julie Murphy, President-Elect

Doug Lynch, Secretary

Don Rosenberg, Treasurer

Board Members

Andy Calamaras, Foundation Chair

Brooks Smith, International Chair

Donna D'Annunzio, Co-Treasurer

Maria LaMorte-Wright, Publicity Chair

Christian Hansis, Program Chair

Terry Marsh, Co-Program Chair

Steve Goldberg, Membership Chair

Patty Laguna, Youth Chair

Deanna Del Bene, Service Chair

Dick Dobyns, Program Emeritus

Kim Decker, Immediate Past President

Board Committees


Brooks Smith, Chair

Kiran Dhaliwal




Christian Hansis, Chair


Janette Hernandez, Chair

Publicity, Marketing & Social Media

Maria LaMorte-Wright, Chair


Patty Laguna

Donna D'Annunzio

John Marsh

Jim Mooney

Christian Hansis



Andy Calamaras, Chair

Frazee House

Andy Calamaras, Chair

Janet Strunk

Maria LaMorte-Wright

Cathy Harris

Bill McClintock

Dick Dobyns

Tim Burke

Liz Mangan

Youth (Interact, Linking Leaders)

Patty Laguna, Chair

Carmela Resnick

Project Committees

Golf Outing

Michael Dietrich, Chair

Patty Laguna

Donna D'Annunzio

Kiran Dhaliwal

Operation Chillout Backpacks

Carmela Resnick, Chair

Dictionary Day

Pat Plante


Denise Hughes, Chair

Neil Schembre

Rotary-Garbe Scholarships

Tom Keiser, Chair

Casino Night

Patty Laguna, Chair

Carmela Resnick

Donna D'Annunzio

Paul Harris Fellows

Paul Harris Fellows are Rotarians identified for singular services to global needs, Rotary International or Rotary in the community. Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary early in the 20th century. Rotary of Fanwood Scotch Plains has named the following over the years for service meriting a Paul Harris Fellowship.

Ronald Green

Richard Sprague

Dorothy Kurre

John Ciambrone 1990

Nancy D. Ringle

Robert H. Kraus 1991

James R. Checchio 1992

Sean M. Duffy 1994

Thomas M. Keiser 1995

Karen Bennett 1996

Michael Vierira

William Pitman 1997

Lori Flowers 1998

Carol A. Wood 1999

Andrew Calamaras 2000

Karin M. Dreixler 2001

Raymond Jajko 2002


Patricia Plante 2005

Dwight Leeper 2005 

Robert Kraus 2006

Janet Strunk 2007

Richard W. Dobyns **

Joseph Qutub **

Geri M. Samuel **

Joanne Scalera

Nelson Yang ****

Neil Schembre 2008

Denise Hughes 2009

Blanchard Hiatt 2010

John Crisafulli 2011

Kiran Dhaliwal 2011

 William McClintock 2012

Michael Dietrich   2013

Joe Qutub 2014

Maria LaMorte-Wright 2014


 Donna D’Annunzio 2015

Cathy Harris 2015

Michael Dietrich 2016

Steve Goldberg, 2016

Kiran Dhaliwal 2016

Carmela Resnick, 2017

Patty Laguna, 2017

Bill Graham, 2017

Julie Murphy 2018

John Marsh 2018

Jim Checchio 2018

Steve Goldberg 2018

Kim Decker 2019

Donna D'Annunzio 2019

Patty Laguna 2019

Carmela Resnick 2019

Steve Goldberg 2019

*Multiple awards

Past Presidents

Past Presidents 1938-2018
Rotary Past Presidents - up to 2018.pdf
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Every Wednesday at 12:15 PM

The Stage House Restaurant

Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ

Last Wednesday of the month: Service Project and/or lunch